The First True Internet Band: The ClipBandits

There has been a fair amount of discussion as far as what constitutes an "Internet band", also referred to as online bands and virtual bands. We believe the first true Internet band was the ClipBandits, in that the members had never met each other, didn't know each others's names or even knew where each other lived. They came together via their YouTube accounts and exchanged video clips with one another to create original music and videos. The ClipBandits became instant YouTube sensations compiling over 18,000,000 video views at a time when many world famous acts were barely breaking the single digit millions of views.

ABC World News produced a segment of the "Making of the ClipBandits", they were also featured on Good Morning America, received first runners up in the national Cingular Wireless unsigned band contest, and ultimately met and performed for the first time on the Tyra Banks Show.

First Internet Live Performance: Severe Tire Damage

The first band to perform live on the Internet via video streaming was "Severe Tire Damage". Together in the same room, they played live and streamed the the video feed on the Internet. While this marked a milestone in online video and music streaming, the Internet was simply the delivery mechanism and not what enabled the formation of the band or the creation of their music.

The First Photograph Ever Posted on the Internet: Les Horribles Cernettes

Les Horribles Cernettes was a parody band that didn't really exist. They do however deserve a mention in this list since their image was not only the first photograph of a band published on the Internet, it was the first picture ever of any kind published on the Internet.



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